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Agriculture Projects (Demo)

1. Agr-E  -  AI-Autonomous rovers for optimizing crop choices, growth rate, and management

Link :-  Click here

Team Members :- Kunal Badgali, Basavraj Chinagundi, Aaryan Arora, Megha Singh, Rishab Aggarwal, Rishabh kumar

Salient features 

  • Use of multiple high-precision nutrient sensors for checking soil composition and data collection.

  • Soil composition analysis uses machine learning instead of commonly used spectroscopic techniques.

  • Selective spraying on undesirable weeds using live camera feed.

  • Forecasting estimated period for the growth of the crop.

  • Plotting data map of soil moisture and nutrient contents

2.  AgriFarmsGo 

Link :- Click here

Team Members:- Divyansh Kalia & Smriddhi Sahni

Salient features

  • Automatic and Manual Irrigation

  • Realtime Soil Moisture measurement

  • Water saving

  • Voice assistant for Farmers

  • Realtime details of your field in a app

3.  Crop Saviour 

Link :- Click here

Team Members:- Naman Chopra, Manav Sidana, Manan Sharma

Developing a solution to assist the farmers in identifying the type of disease and offering
them possible solutions to help mitigate the spread of the disease if their crops have it and
guiding them with the best ways of cultivating and seeding their crops in their native
1. To reduce wastage of tons of rice and wheat crops due to a variety of diseases, that
could’ve fed millions.
2. Protecting farmer's hard labour and reducing mishappenings related to farmers
3. Introducing farmers in low literacy regions to the technological capabilities of AI and
its real-life applications for well being of society.

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